Evaluation Consultation Services

Fetterman & Associates help you to use evaluation and ethnography to accomplish your objectives.  We provide constructive feedback, evaluation tools, useful insights, and credible results.  In addition, we help you learn how to describe, monitor, evaluate, and improve your own performance.

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Evaluation Consultation

Fetterman & Associates offer a variety of services.  They include:  evaluations, ethnographies, workshops, grant writing, management coaching, and speaking engagements.  Our primary areas include:  health, education, and industry evaluations, including schools in academic distress, businesses, medical education, and tobacco prevention evaluations.

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Health Evaluation

We have provided evaluation health-related services to clients, including Arkansas' Tobacco Prevention agencies, for over a decade.  We help our clients produce real-world outcomes, ranging from CDC intervention areas to legislative mandates.


Educational Evaluation

Fetterman & Associates use evaluation to help school districts improve school performance. We also help educational institutions, including Stanford's School of Medicine, prepare for accreditation review.  In addition, Fetterman & Associates provide professional development training activities.



Our clients require high quality professional development to operate their programs, compete for funding, and serve their communities.  We provide evaluation training programs, including empowerment evaluation, mixed methods, ethnography, qualitative methods, and educational technology.

We help clients improve and refine their work.  Please feel to contact us to explore the most useful options.



In the consulting industry, each situation is unique and requires a specific set of solutions. For this project, I helped my client define the ideal outcome for the situation, and through strategic planning we were able to achieve a great end result.

Working Remotely: Demonstration

Using Zoom, Google Sheets & Forms

Ignite Lecture: 5 Minutes and 20 Slides

This project is a great example of how I keep my clients’ best interests in mind. We started by conducting a thorough budget analysis, and slowly built a long-term plan for the next few phases. To learn more, contact me today.



We have worked with Google on a number of evaluation fronts. Our efforts include:  evaluation capacity building, computer science education evaluation, and using rubrics and technology in teaching and learning.

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Recovery Cafe

Recovery Cafe is a peer support center for people traumatized by homelessness, addiction, and other mental health challenges.  We are helping them use empowerment evaluation to improve communication, organizational development, and the use of data to guide their decision making.


Arkansas Tobacco Prevention Initiative

We have been working in the area of tobacco prevention and cessation for over a decade.  We work primarily with the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff's Minority Initiative Sub-recipient Grant Office and the Arkansas Department of Health.  We are using CDC guidelines to help grantees monitor and evaluate their own programs.  We report to the legislature and have had an impact on minority use of tobacco throughout the State.


Ignite Lecturer

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Plenary Speaker

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Webinar Host



"Dr. Fetterman has the unique talent of communicating high quality academic and experiential knowledge through his energetic yet simple, authentic, and personable presence. His work holds great promise for the development of our educational, social, health, and  community programs through empowerment."

Thereza Penna Firme, Ph.D

Evaluation Coordinator,    Evaluation, Center of Cesgranrio Foundation

Professor  (retired) of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"I wanted to send you both a quick note to let you know how helpful David Fetterman and his group has been to me and the department of surgery.  He has facilitated a departmental retreat to talk about improving the clerkship, traveled to our non-Stanford sites to help with faculty training, and has always provided me with cumulative feedback and ideas on how we can continue to improve the clerkship. It has been an invaluable resource to me to have access to. David is always responsive to my requests and provides me with the data and input I need.  I have found it helpful to discuss new ideas with him.  I am glad that we have access to his service and expertise and look forward to continuing to work with him in the future."

Dr. Sherry Wren

Director of Clerkships

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

Chair, Faculty Senate

Stanford University School of Medicine

Chief of General Surgery, Palo Alto Veterans Administration, Palo Alto

"His style engenders confidence and provides an excellent mentoring/coaching collaboration focused on seeking successful outcomes.  I was pleasantly surprised by his approach and its substantive contribution to the success of our programs."

Vikki Porter
Director, Knight Digital Media Center
USC Annenberg School for Communication



There are many reasons to facilitate stakeholder involvement evaluations remotely, ranging from COVID-19 and a limitation of resources to convenience and efficiency. A brief demonstration highlights how to apply the empowerment evaluation approach.  It is divided into 1) introduction to the theory and principles; 2) the three steps; and 3) using tech tools to facilitate evaluation remotely.


Introduction:  Theory and Principles


The Three (3) Steps

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Using Tech Tools

The overview highlights specific theories, concepts, and principles guiding empowerment evaluation.

The three steps of empowerment evaluation include 1) mission; 2) taking stock; and 3) planning for the future.  In addition, an evaluation monitoring dashboard is used to help people monitor their progress toward their goals.

Tech tools, including Zoom, Google Sheets and Forms, help you facilitate an empowerment evaluation remotely.



We maintain blogs of our projects.  In addition, we maintain the empowerment evaluation blog for the field. Our PUBLICATIONS provide a useful introduction to our approach.

Empowerment Evaluation

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Tobacco Prevention Evaluation

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Empowerment Evaluation’s 21st Anniversary


We celebrated the 21st anniversary of empowerment evaluation at the American Evaluation Association.  We have memorialized our comments and critiques in a special topic edition of Evaluation and Program Planning (E&PP). It presents the insights of luminaries in the field who have helped shape empowerment evaluation with their critiques, concerns, and congratulations. They included Drs. Steward Donaldson, Michael Scriven, Michael Patton, and Marvin Alkin. Their comments are illuminating, engaging, and presented in this special topic edition of E&PP.

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Contact us now and see what we can do for you or your business, nonprofit, or community initiative.



Dr. Fetterman has received numerous awards for the quality of his work, as judged by his peers and independent boards.  He received the Top Anthropologist of the Year Award 2019.  The award was reported on ABC, CBS, and NBC media outlets.  In addition, he has received the American Evaluation Association's highest honors, including the Lazarsfeld Award for outstanding contributions to theory and the Myrdal Award for evaluation practice. He has also received the American Educational Research Association's Distinguished Scholar Award, and the Mensa Education and Research Foundation Award for Excellence.  He is listed in Who's Who in American Education, Science and Engineering, Science and Technology, Lifetime Achievement, and Who's Who in the World.

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We work with a full range of clients from Google to local school districts and hospitals. We also inform you about a wide-variety of resources, including publications.  Please contact us to create a productive evaluation plan of action.




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