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School of Education

Consulting Professor of Education and

Director of MA Policy Analysis and Evaluation Program


Director of Evaluation, Career Development & Alumni Relations

Evaluated the Stanford Teacher Education Program, helped launch the teacher education program for undergraduates, and helped students prepare for employment.  Also created links between students and prospective employers. Facilitated alumni events.


Created a Virtual Employment Center to help link students up with potential clients and employers to conduct evaluations.


Director of Evaluation

Director of the MA Policy Analysis and Evaluation Program for a decade. The program was rated number one by US News and World Reports.

Students conducted evaluations with local and national research and evaluation corporations as part of their graduate training in the program.

Professor and Student View  

Stanford Today - 1979

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Alumni Gift

The class of 1998-1999 made a generous gift to a local school district in Dr. Fetterman's honor.  

He knew something was up when all 21 of his graduate students crowded into his office and said they needed to talk to him.

Fetterman said he expected last-minute questions about papers or exams.  Instead, his students told him they had raised $10,000 in his name for the computer lab at the Belle Haven Elementary School in east Menlo Park.

Part of the graduate program is to study public policy and evaluate how it can be improved, and the students told Fetterman the inspiration for the fundraiser came from his lectures about wealthier schools that have access to computers and poorer schools that do not.

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