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There are many reasons to facilitate stakeholder involvement evaluations remotely, ranging from COVID-19 and a limitation of resources to convenience and efficiency. A brief demonstration highlights how to apply the empowerment evaluation approach.  It divided into 1) introduction to the theory and principles; 2) the three steps; and 3) using tech tools to facilitate evaluation remotely.


Introduction:  Theory and Principles


The Three (3) Steps

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Using Tech Tools

The overview highlights specific theories, concepts, and principles guiding empowerment evaluation.

The three steps of empowerment evaluation include 1) mission; 2) taking stock; and 3) planning for the future.  In addition, an evaluation monitoring dashboard is used to help people monitor their progress toward their goals.

Tech tools, including Zoom, Google Sheets and Forms, help you facilitate and empowerment evaluation remotely.

Working Remotely: Demonstration: Projects
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