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Honors & Awards

Honors and Awards from a variety of organizations.

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American Anthropological Association

President's Award for Excellence and Innovation in Applying Anthropological Insights to the Evaluation and Improvement of Education, Social, and Health Services (2019)

Fellow, AAA (1993)

George and Louise Spindler Award for contributions to educational anthropology, (1990)

Ethnographic Evaluation Award (1988)

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American Evaluation Association

Evaluation, Advocacy, and Use Award (2014)

Lazarsfeld Award for Contributions to Evaluation Theory (2000)

Myrdal Award for Contributions to Evaluation Practice (1995)

President's Prize, Evaluation Research Society (1984)

Evaluation Research Society Award (1981)

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Additional Associations

Top Anthropologist of the Decade (2020)

Lifetime Achievement Award (2021, 2018, 2018)

American Educational Research Association Research on Evaluation Distinguished Scholar Award (2013)

Mensa Education and Research Foundation Award for Excellence (1990)

Fellow, Society for Applied Anthropology (1989)

Osmund Chung Award for Exemplary Performance in Internal Auditing and Evaluation, Stanford University (1988)

Praxis Publication Award (1981)

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