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Fetterman & Associates provide workshop in the following areas:  empowerment evaluation, qualitative or ethnographic methods, and tech tools for research and evaluation.

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Empowerment Evaluation

Training is provided remotely for public health reasons, budgetary considerations, and efficiency.  Tech tools used range from videoconferencing to collaborative working software.

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Empowerment Evaluation

Fetterman & Associates provide face-to-face evaluation workshop, as deemed appropriate.  They include NSF funded workshops, university training activities, professional association seminars, nonprofit agency professional training, and educational exercises.

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Tech Tools in Research & Evaluation

Tech tools used to conduct research and evaluation are demonstrated followed by hands-on exercises and a critique to refine and improve use.  Tools include:  Zoom; Google Sheets, Forms, and Docs; Word Clouds; Blogs; and Virbela (avatar-based collaborative meeting software).

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