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"Fetterman's text continues to be one of the most definitive guides to the ethnographic method. Comprehensive in Scope and accessible in tone, it offers newcomers to this vivid approach an authoritative introduction, and to seasoned researchers a reminder of the wealth of possibilities ethnography can entail. Highly recommended."

- Peter Vlachos, University of Greenwich, U.K.

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"This valuable book both shows and tells on the hot topic of collaborative, participatory, and empowerment approaches.  Each "essentials" chapter gains impact from two chapters illustrating what the principles look like in actual evaluation practice.  Beautifully explanatory, memorably demonstrated! The authors emphasize understanding in order to select the most appropriate stakeholder approaches for the situation at hand. Far from claiming the exclusive benefits of any single approach, the book is infused with the spirit of working together. The chapter on commonalities powerfully lays out the features of stakeholder involvement at macro-, mid-, and micro-levels of analysis, creating a strong theory-to-practice bridge for newcomers as well as experts.  I wish I could gift wrap this book and send it express to evaluation practitioners in fields from agronomy to zoology."

-Lois-ellin Datta, Ph.D., President, Datta Analysis


"One of the greatest evaluation innovations of the past two decades has been the development of a professional and systematic approach to self-evaluation called empowerment evaluation.  This book offers you the latest, cutting-edge understanding of this powerful innovation and evaluation approach. May you be inspired and empowered as you adventure through the chapters in this outstanding volume!"

- Stewart I. Donaldson, Claremont Graduate University



"Empowerment evaluation was to be of the people, for the people, and very much by the people.  Our role as evaluators was to be a critical friend, a coach, and a source of technical assistance when it was requested by the self-evaluating communities and organizations.  No wonder that in 1993 "conversations and arguments spilled out into the hallways"... Read this 2015 edition, particularly for readers new to evaluation who want, in one place, a compendium of what empowerment evaluation is about, a statement of its principles, a set of case examples in diverse settings, and an understanding of where Fetterman, Kaftarian, and Wandersman are at now in their thinking...Splendidly, the results of more than 25 years of dedicated hard work and diligent thought are being shared with us.  My recommendation remains, unequivocally and appreciatively:  This book belongs on our shelves. Get it, read it, and as appropriate, us it."

-Lois-ellin Datta, President, Datta Analysis

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Good Care Includes Educational Activities

The Philadelphia Inquirer

May 31, 1997,p. A 11.


Wasted Genius: How America is Losing its Next Einsteins

Stanford Magazine

July, 22, 1990










Health and Safety Issues: Colleges Must Take Steps to Avert Serious Problems

The Chronicle of Higher Education

March 21, 1990, p. 48








Rocket Bikes: A High Price for Freedom

San Jose Mercury

November 25, 1994


In These Uncertain Times, Charities Need a Survival Plan

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

March 10, 2013



Rushing my son to surgery has me following in my father's footsteps

Stanford Report


March 18, 2009








Suicide Prevention is Just a Call Away

San Jose Mercury

March 11, 2015 


Confronting a Culture of Violence:

South Africa Nears a Critical Juncture

San Jose Mercury, 1993, October 3, pp. 1C, 4C


Reflections on a Postage Stamp From South Africa

Truth Seeker, 1994, Volume 121, Number 3:17-20










The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Dedication:

Standing in the Presence of History

San Francisco Bay Times, September 9, 1993, p. 10

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